History of the area

The stylish hotel Miramar **** is located 3 km south of the beautiful sea town of Sozopol and only 50 meters from the beach of camping Kavatsite.

The history of the area will impress you, and the sights that are nearby are a must stop on your trip.

Its name comes from the word "kavak", which in Turkish means poplar and is so named because of the beautiful poplars that grow in the area. The beach is very beautiful and enchants with its fine, golden sand. A famous natural landmark that is found in the area are the Pontic white dunes. In some places you can see large white sand lilies, which are a protected species in Bulgaria.

Kavatsite Bay is located 3 km south of the old town of Sozopol. In ancient times it was used as a port. Today the area is safe and preferred by many surfers and divers. The water is crystal clear and very shallow. The border with Turkey is less than an hour away, and Strandja offers hundreds of places worth visiting.